On April 3rd 2023, to reflect the growth of our company, “Euro Heat Pipes” brand evolves towards “EHP”. EHP started as a “heat pipes” company focused on European market and is now delivering a wide variety of thermal & mechanical products to a worldwide customer base.  

To highlight our focus on Space sector, our website will be updated to www.ehp.space, as well as our email addresses. Our new logo is also presented above.  

As a Space-focused company, EHP, based in Nivelles (Belgium), with around 100 highly skilled employees, develops, qualifies and manufactures thermal & mechanical components/systems for spacecraft based on two-phase heat transfer technology (such as heat pipes and loop heat pipes) and deployable equipment.  

EHP is the leader in the two-phase thermal control for space application market, with a demonstrated production capacity of 4.000+ heat pipes per year and per shift. EHP products are embarked on a wide variety of European, North American & Asian spacecraft, from constellations (like OneWeb) to cutting edge science missions (like JUICE probe to Jupiter or fundamental physics study spacecraft). 

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Or contact us for further information our Programs & Business Development Director: sales@ehp.be  

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the rebranding of Euro Heat Pipes to EHP: 

Why do you change your brand name? Why “EHP”? 

Since “Euro Heat Pipes” foundation in 2001, the company ambition at that time to become the European leader for space heat pipes has been far exceeded: we are now delivering to a worldwide customer base a large portfolio of thermal control & deployable products. The “EHP” brand suits better the today’s reality of our company, while keeping advantage of the existing fame of the company (as EHP acronym is already widely used for years to name our firm)   

Is the official name of the company changed?  

No, as for now, the current official name (registered at administrative level) of the company “Euro Heat Pipes SA” will remain the same. In case of change, this would be announced through further communication. 

Will the email addresses change? Will the previous email addresses still work? 

Yes. Your EHP partners will write you from email addresses @ehp.space. No worry, the former email addresses @ehp.be will remain active in reception sufficient time to permit a smooth transition.  

Does the new brand affect the bank details? 

No, our bank details remain unchanged. 

Does the VAT number change? 

No, our current VAT number (BE047451723) remains unchanged. 

Has the ownership of the company changed? 


Does the rebranding affect the current contracts or open offers? 

Absolutely not, all our contractual agreements & commitments remain valid. 

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