Aude, a Methods & Process Engineer at EHP

Meet Aude, Methods and Processes Engineer at EHP, in this insightful interview. She shares her career path up to EHP. Her story reflects her determination, the challenges she has faced and her passion for breaking barriers in the space industry. Discover her unique perspective, her unwavering dedication and the impact of her contributions to EHP’s dynamic team.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Aude. I’m 30 years old and I’m a methods and process engineer at EHP.

After studying mechanical engineering, I started working in the aeronautical industry for 4 years and now I’ve been with EHP for 2 and a half years.

I’m passionate about hot-air ballooning and have become a pilot since 2020. I also love cooking and hiking.

Can you explain your role at EHP?

I work in the methods and processes department at EHP. My tasks are varied, ranging from production support to new product development and qualification of new processes.

What I love about my job at EHP is that there’s no routine and it’s constantly challenging.

What’s your background at EHP?

When I arrived at EHP, I discovered the world of space and its particularities. I started by helping my colleagues with a few processes and developments before taking over certain processes myself. Step by step, I acquired much more detailed skills and knowledge, but the processes at EHP are so varied that I still have a lot to learn.

How do you see a woman’s place as a methods & process Engineer at EHP?

At the beginning of my career, it wasn’t easy to find my place among the male teams. I had to prove myself, perhaps even more than some of the men. When I arrived at EHP, things were completely different. There was no distinction between my work and that of the men. I was made to feel very welcome both in the office and in production, and I never felt that I was treated differently. In my day-to-day work, I feel that as women we have a real positive contribution to bring to the teams.

We generally bring a different point of view and a certain rigour to projects. Our communications are also different and bring a certain balance to the whole.

Your final words?

I would tell people to do what they want to do, to dare and not to stop at the first difficulty. I’ve never been disappointed by my choice of study and my desire to work in production. Even though it wasn’t easy to find my place at the beginning, I don’t regret having persevered and I’m now fulfilled on a daily basis.

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