EHP thermal vacuum chamber

At EHP, our dedication to excellence goes beyond crafting thermal and mechanical systems for spacecraft. We pride ourselves on our advanced test simulations, crucial to our success. Among our impressive in-house facilities (With Shaker 125kN (1.5m x 1.5m), Thermal Cycling Climatic Chamber (3m x 2m), Thermal Vacuum Chamber (1.5m x 1m), biggest X-ray bunker in Belgium, etc.), our large thermal vacuum chamber shines as a technological marvel propelling us to new frontiers in space industry.

Exploring the Depths of Space with EHP

Our thermal vacuum chamber represents EHP’s commitment to precision and innovation. Capable of withstanding temperatures from -150°C to +150°C, it serves as a cornerstone in our mission to push the boundaries of space technology. Housed within an ISO 7 cleanroom, it can accommodate payloads of up to 750kg, making it a versatile tool for a variety of projects.

Contributing to Space Success Stories

The significance of our facilities becomes evident when we reflect on their role in the success of numerous projects. Notably, our thermal vacuum chamber played a pivotal role in the SatCom industry, bringing concepts into recurrent production, such as for Deployable pointing sytems or (deployable) radiators.

Technical Specifications: Beyond the Basics

Going into the technicalities, our thermal vacuum chamber boasts a 1.9m diameter and 5.5m length (internal dimensions). Equipped with different feedthroughs, facilitating up to 40 DC power suppliers and more than 150 Thermocouple type T, it ensures meticulous monitoring and control throughout the testing process. Operating at a vacuum limit of 10-5 mbar, our chamber aligns with industry standards, including EN 9100 certification. EHP also masters actual deployment activities in vacuum conditions.

Team and Expertise: EN9100 Certified Excellence

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team, operating within the framework of EN9100 certification, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Engaged in diverse SatCom and Earth Observation projects, our experts ensure that every testing scenario meets and exceeds industry standards.

Conclusion: Pioneering Space Industry with EHP

EHP stands at the forefront of space technology, propelled by our state-of-the-art thermal vacuum chamber. As we continue to contribute to groundbreaking projects, our commitment to precision, innovation, and excellence remains unwavering. If you would like more information on our large thermal vacuum chamber, click here. For general information on our test services, click here.

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